Through thick and thin

Our CNC contract and job order production services work with state-of-the-art machines and are the foundation of our high performance levels.

All our production standards focus on industry levels and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by the German TÜV institute.

Our highly motivated and well-trained metalworkers and service-centered project leads implement your requirements, no matter how thick or thin.

That's what we guarantee.

We have the required power

con-figo is a laser-cutting sub-contractor specializing in the production of customized CNC laser-cut pieces on job order and individual contract basis. Supplemental to our CNC laser services, we offer mechanical processing of sheet metals ranging from folding, drilling, milling to welding and finishing and finally pre-assembly and logistic services to provide a perfect allround service.
2 × Trumpf 5 KW with Liftmaster technology, shuttle tables 4 × 2 m Prima 4 KW, shuttle tables 4 × 2 m
Cutting machine
Sato up to 150 mm thickness, autogenous, two tables 6 × 2 m, 8 burners
Trimming benches
LVD, trimming lengths up to 4,000 mm, 320 tonnes, 3D processing EHT trimming lengths up to 3,500 mm, 250 tonnes Placke, trimming lengths up to 1,200 mm, 60 tonnes
Blasting equipment
Giethard GW 1500 – 410, continuous feed system
Drilling equipment
Hedelius C 80
Deburring machine
Lissmac 1500 GM for deburring on both sides and for rounding off edges
Shark band saws and automated band saw equipment
Hydraulic brake press 500 t and eccentric press
Peddinghaus punching/shearing machine
3 bridge cranes (2x 5 to, 1x 3,2 to)